Trakecha South
Board Member

Trakecha South was born and raised in Mecklenburg County, VA. She is married to Michael South and they have 3 children. She and her family currently reside in Nelson, VA.

Trakecha holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from University of New England and a Master’s degree in Human Services from Liberty University. In addition, Trakecha holds a Bachelor’s in Social Work from Longwood University and an associates degree in Early Childhood Education & Human Services. She believes in being a lifelong learner.

Trakecha has worked over 16 years as a home health and hospice social worker. She has also worked in the mental health sector providing mental health skill-building services and intensive in-home care to individuals in Halifax, Mecklenburg, Lunenburg, and Brunswick counties. She was nominated for the 2018 Social Worker Circle of Care Award for Virginia.

Currently, Trakecha is working part-time as a home health social worker and runs her own business, The House of South, where her main focus is on financial literacy and helping people to restore their finances. Trakecha has also created a non-profit homeschool co-op, Kids for Christ, where she and other homeschool families can find support, encouragement, and fellowship on their homeschooling journey, all while grounding their education in the principles of faith, love, and service to others.

Trakecha is also a member of Wharton Memorial Baptist Church in Nelson, VA. Here, she serves as Chair for the Economic Empowerment Ministry and on the Youth Development Committee. She upholds her Christian values and strives to live a life of service and purpose. She is excited to be able to serve her community by being on the board at Tri County.