Janie Luck

Janie L. Luck is a board member who works to determine the needs of low-to moderate income families at or below poverty level. Janie believes that the individuals and families served by TCCAA will exhibit continuous stability through the assistance, support and encouragement provided by the agency. Janie has served as a member of TCCAA Board for the past decade. During her tenure, Janie has always supported the mission, growth, and delivery of services to the citizens of the counties served by TCCAA.

Janie has many years of experience and personal involvement in helping others. She has a long history of community involvement in Halifax County. Current and past organizations include Tri-County Community Action Agency, Inc., Halifax County Electoral Board (12 years), Halifax County NAACP (15 years), and Halifax County Extension Office (15 Years). Her passion and desire to help others provide opportunities to fulfill a life-long dream.