VHSP Housing Case Manager

Position Purpose
Department | Emergency Services
Reports To | Director of Emergency Services
Employment Type | Non-Exempt

The Housing Case Manager assists homeless veterans, homeless individuals, and families in identifying and transitioning into a full range of permanent housing opportunities, including subsidized housing such as Section 8 and VASH.

Education and Experience

The Housing Case Manager must have:

  • Ability to work with homeless individuals/families.
  • Ability to house them as soon as possible and to provide that connection to community-based supports that assist with sustainability; the ability to meet monthly goals; exercising good judgment; decision making that best utilizes Agency resources to benefit clients; and the coordination with a wide range of service organizations that promote self-sufficiency goals, community enhancement and overall empowerment principles.
  • Ability to work with various populations including homeless individuals/families.
  • Ability to work expeditiously in determining and meeting needs.
  • Ability to effectively utilize community resources and build partnerships.
  • Promote empowerment principles including but not limited to self-sufficiency goal setting and community enhancement.
  • Knowledge of the housing first approach and emphasize stable, permanent housing as a primary strategy for ending homelessness.
  • Knowledge of outreach methods, interviewing skills, assessment techniques, and provision of emergency services and referrals.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and commitment to advocate for homeless individuals/ families as well as possess a thorough understanding and empathy for all persons in need.
  • Require a thorough knowledge of computer systems and use of the Internet in accessing client data and conducting client related research
  • Good judgment and independent thought processes required.
  • Demonstrate a high level of professionalism.
  • Expected to maintain a valid driver’s record.
Job Requirements and Skills

The primary duties and responsibilities consist of the following:

  • Intake process
    Screening homeless clients seeking shelter using housing first assistance approach (assessments and intake applications)
    Determining program eligibility (prevention, diversion, referrals, etc.)
  • Identifying the appropriate community resources that will assist with access and sustaining permanent rental housing as quickly as possible.
  • Providing information, diversion, referral services and/or shelter.
  • Program record-keeping (case notes, HMIS, CAP 60, etc.).
  • Use the Voluntary Services model for all clients seeking services.
  • Collect data to determine milestones and/or outcomes achieved.
  • Perform intake services for clients seeking assistance; orient clients to and assist with a core set of self-service resources; perform initial client screening including suitability and eligibility.
  • Using the Coordinated Assessment, VI-SPDAT and Housing Barrier Assessment, determine the level of services the client should receive.
  • Refer clients to workshops, community meetings and other activities that promote self- sufficiency, skills development.
  • Keep daily and accurate case notes.
  • Enter participant information into HMIS and the Agency’s data system including eligibility, assessment information, referral data, data tracking, case management
    summaries, surveys and other data as assigned.
  • Provide wrap around case management services to any client who receives services, follow-up on referrals to assess outcomes and provide additional services are required.
  • Coordinate with other internal and external staff and programs that create
    opportunities for clients to achieve self-sufficiency. Maintain close professional relationships and liaisons with local service organizations in the target area.
  • Develop and maintain a resource file of available social service agencies and assistance providers in the target area for referrals.
  • Use appropriate technology tools to accomplish job functions; understand and utilize available technology as customer service, communication and data gathering tools.
  • Maintain files and records of individuals served, services provided, outreach activities conducted surveys completed and other general reporting as assigned.
  • Participate in the yearly Point in time Count.
  • All communications are potentially sensitive and are subject to the Agency’s policy on confidentiality.
  • Provide support with Continuum of Care (CoC) meetings, planning, coordination, and Racial Disparities initiative.
  • Perform related duties as assigned by the supervisor and follow all recommendations of the Southside Continuum of Care.
Physical Requirements
  • Sit 50% of workday
  • Stand 50% of workday
  • Use computer, calculator and other office equipment
  • Occasionally lift 25 pounds

“Agency employees share in the responsibility to mobilize community resources and promote community awareness in support of Tri-County Community Action Agency’s anti-poverty efforts.”